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Lt. Col. Caught In Lies About Jade Helm: Our Worst Fears Confirmed

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There are times in life when we need to know when to step aside and let others do the talking. This is that time. The Common Sense Show, has been deluged with communications which detail abnormally high amounts of troop and equipment movement across the United States in preparation for Jade Helm 15. Along the same lines, we are hearing from people who have relatives in Special Operations that very concerned about what is coming.
The following represents a very small cross-section of email notifications from Americans all across the country and they are highly concerned with what they are discovering about Jade Helm.
This article begins with a description of an encounter between the Health Advisor to The Common Sense Show, Katy Whelan and a Lt. Colonel from Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora, Colorado.

Katy Whelan and the Lt. Colonel

Katy Whelan serves as the medical advisor and reporter for The Common Sense Show. As such, she is privy to much of the information on topics which we have not yet published for one reason or another. With regard to Jade Helm 15, Katy has had access to some of the most sensitive information that is in our possession. Therefore, when Katy decides to assert herself in the field by confronting an official about Jade Helm, she can do so with an air of authority.
This past weekend, Katy had occasion to confront a Lt. Colonel Gallegos in a chance public meeting and the following represents the summary of her encounter.
“On Saturday April 11, I (Katy Whelan) was coming out of a Denver area Restaurant and saw a National Guard officer in the parking lot and decided to stop and chat with him about the Jade Helm training drill going on across the country”.
Buckley Air Force Base
Buckley Air Force Base
“I introduced myself to a Lt Colonel Gallegos from Buckley Air Force base in Aurora, Colorado. Below is a summary of the exchange”.
Katy: “I am aware of the Jade Helm drill and I am concerned as to why this drill was being conducted”.
Gallegos: (He was caught off guard and didn’t have a clear answer as he stumbled around for words and his body language was extremely nervous). “We have had drills like this before, like one we had before one 10 years ago”.
Katy: “There has never been a drill to this extent in size and scope”!
Gallegos: (His body language, again, was extremely nervous as he stumbled to find the right words as he chose to look down, smile and concede that I was correct on that point). “Yeah, that is true but it’s not a big deal”. (Editor’s Note: Not a big deal? Various factions of the military are preparing to impose martial law in the Jade Helms drills while extracting dissidents, and death squads will be planted in order to practice their “infiltration techniques” and this is “not a big deal”? This is an act of war against the American people and it is not a big deal?).
Katy: “I know the Jade Helm15 drill is in over 30 states”.
Gallegos: (He became increasingly nervous) and asked “How did I know this (as if I should not have this information)”?
Katy: “Isn’t this a joint a joint military and national guard operation and doesn’t this violate posse comitatus”.
Gallegos: “No, that is not true because the National Guard will be the only ones running the drills”. (Editor’s note: This is a bold faced lie uttered by Lt. Col. Gallegos! On the original Jade Helm 15 document, Special Operations Forces state that the 82nd Airborne and Special Operations Forces such as the Green Berets, Navy Seals will be a part of the drill. Therefore, Gallegos knows what he is participating in is illegal and is not limited to the National Guard. We further know that the Department of Defense is hiring people to play the role of detainees and incarcerated Americans under martial law).
Katy: “Then why, if it is a joint operation, why would the National Guard have the authority to be the organization to be running the drill”?
Gallegos: (Like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar, the nervousness of the body language was peaking as he stumbled around looked down and was rubbing his keys nervously). Katy took that to mean that her challenging statement was true.
“But nothing illegal will be done in the drill”, muttered Gallegos. (Editor’s Note: Despite the fact that the forces of Jade Helm will be extracting people without due process of law, and Gallegos thinks there is nothing wrong with this?).
Katy: “Our current administration is violating the US constitution every day, so how can you guarantee that the orders coming down would be any different”?
Gallegos: (Again, displaying nervous body language as exemplified by looking down to avoid contact and nervously smiling, he stated, “I assure you it would all be legal. The Governor would be in command of the drill as only the National Guard would be conducting the drills and I cannot say much more than that”. (Editor’s Note: Since the passage of the John Warner Defense bill, the civilian authority exercised by the National Guard was transferred from the Governor of a state to the President and we are supposed to believe that a Lt. Colonel in the National Guard would be ignorant to that fact?).
Katy: “Isn’t Jade Helm about the extraction drills? In other words, what does the military know that we don’t know to train for this type of operation?”
Gallegos: (He further displayed more nervous body language to an incredible degree as he became increasingly and nervously evasive). “I assure you that it is all on the up and up and legal”.
Katy: “If there was an illegal order that came down from the chain of command, what would you do”?
Gallegos: “That would be up to the individual to decide”.
Katy: She pressed the point and again asked “Why would we need an extraction drill and what are they specifically training for?
Gallegos: He remained evasive and said “it is all legal”.

Implications of the Gallegos Encounter

Katy’s take away was that Lt Col. Gallegos was completely taken by surprise and was shocked that she knew as much as she did and he did not know how to respond.
At one time, I was confident that American soldiers would not fire upon American citizens, but Gallegos weak defense in which he justifies the drill in his mind, accompanied by either his gross ignorance or his gross distortion of the truth (you decide), is indeed very concerning.
In the past week, The Common Sense Show has received over 200 emails with either accounts of massive troop and equipment movements within the United States, or the emails were from family members or friends of Special Operations Forces who are very nervous about the implications of Jade Helm.
Since the mainstream media will not effectively cover this and are engaged in the obfuscation of the truth, I thought I would share a brief representation of the 200+ emails received on the topic by The Common Sense Show.

Massive Troop and Equipment Movements

My wife and I went up to Idaho Falls to visit grandchildren. When we got to North Salt Lake we were both surprised to see the train of tanks and armored vehicles sided along the tracks.
My phone (with camera) were in the back seat and I wasn’t able to get it in time….Really enjoyed your article ‘Jade Helms
Use of Death Squads’


Great show and website. You are spot on.
Retired Army Vet (Former MP 21 years active duty, and region 15 leader for Oathkeepers) here in Western North Carolina.
A little less than 2 weeks ago on a wednesday evening at about 20:30 we had an overflight of our home of a UH-60 Blackhawk. Running lights were on. Maybe 120 Knots North to South.. Very unusual to see a UH-60 here especially on a weeknight. My wife remarked how I knew it was one before it got to us. I have many hours in and around them. Spent 4 years in the 10th Mountain Division along with 5 overseas tours including OIF.
Yesterday-Two things. I live in a rural area in the mountains near some state parks. I passed a HEMMIT fueler headed west into the mountains. Very odd as it was headed away from the town. Could’ve been the reserves or NG monthly drill but I never saw one here before. It was woodland camo pattern like the old days.
Also yesterday afternoon I heard more than one UH-60 travel nearby the town of Hendersonville, NC. I was unable to get eyes on due to some trees and terrain but I knew the sounds to be Blackhawks. Didn’t get a direction of travel..
We need to establish a virtual command post or website to track these reports. Does one already exist? Is there something else I can do to assist you in getting the word out? I have NO fear of them since I’m HAPPILY on ALL of their lists anyway. We need to counter them and be vigilant in spotting them. I’ve briefed my family of the situation and what to look for. The more eyes we get working the better chance we have to shine the light on this situation. I think that our beloved Republic is now dead and gone. Thanks for your great research and diligence.

Dear Dave,
Just thought to add to your articles on Jade Helm,
on this past Thursday, My husband and I saw 9
huge planes National Guard (the kind that carry
troops and tanks, I’m thinking out of Martinsburg,
  1. WV) flying low, within 15 minutes apart. They were
flying West to a known Fema camp. I’m not saying that’s
where they were headed, just in the direction. Have you
heard anything or know anything about this story?
Thanks, Julie


Typically I keep a low profile given some of my activities but thought I’d drop you a quick note. I’ve commented quite a few times on various essays you’ve written and while I agree with you mostly have had some differences with what you. On Jade Helm, well, I think it’s one of the most important issues you’ve written about.
My brother is retired from US Army Special Forces. He was a Green Beret for nearly 25 years with multiple deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. He now works for a military contractor at _____. I don’t usually talk about certain things with him because I don’t want to jeopardize his clearance which is pretty high. Yesterday I finally asked him – “What about Jade Helm”. He paused for a moment and said just a few words – “I’m very concerned”. And then went on to describe how much money will be spent and how it may play out. I live in rural Maricopa County which may see some people deployed here. I told him it would be interesting to see what happened if I encountered anyone and confronted them about what they were doing. I’ve been around these guys enough to know who they are. He simply said – “These people are so brainwashed and most have a chip on their shoulder. Be careful or you could get the shit beaten out of you.” I hung up the phone and just shook my head.
Sometimes I get concerned about all the “prepper porn” sites and misinformation out there that is simply another mechanism of fomenting fear. However, Jade Helm is an authentic exercise and could be a turning point in history. My brother said he’d never seen anything like it from a planning and implementation perspective. Furthermore, there is only one reason for it and I’m sure you can guess what that is – the total subjugation of the American people. As I commented yesterday a lot of attention has to start being paid to the people who will actually carry this out. Shaming those in the military publicly. I challenged my own brother yesterday and he got the message.
Best wishes,

Russians and Chinese Troops On American Soil: Blue Helmets Anyone?

We have a group of Chinese here in Hannibal MO, the Mark Twain tourist town. This is a small town of about 40,000 residents. It is odd, to say the least.

I tried to talk to some of them about ducks and duck eggs, as they do love those things. They speak barely any English, and their school-age children do not speak English. They seem hostile and did not want to talk. Their children were making fun of Americans openly. (Editor’s Note: Sleeper cell?).


Dear Dave,
I know you have covered Russians being in Gatlinburg, TN. in big numbers. It is true. The locals hate the Russians because they are so aloof. What you may not know is there have been sightings of Russian soldiers at the base of the Smoky Mtns. by local residents. They park in their white vans and proceed to change into Russian military uniforms in the parking lot. We think they go on military missions in the hills. Some of us think that the Russians are boarding trucks that are stored in the Mtns because they have been seen on remote roads in trucks in full Russian uniforms by people illegally hunting. Yeah that is right, we have been banned from hunting in the area by the Forest Service. Many of us think that they are practicing to invade the area.

Love your radio show. Please keep reporting on this

Hello Dave,just wanted to let you know last week on Saturday my buddy who is a prepper and ex military called me.He lives off the grid here in AZ, told me that a flight of 8 A10 Warthogs were flying in formation over his property. One of them broke formation and headed right for him.T his guy has been in serious fire fights in the middle east. He really thought they were gonna open up on him. It didnt but then a second one broke formation and also did a run on him. After there run they did evasive manuvers,like they were avoiding ground fire. Please keep the intel comin in.


Extractions/Death Squads

Hi Dave,
I think I played basketball against you in college. I played at Rockmont College, in Lakewood, and now the college is known as Colorado Christian. Anyway, I am pretty sure that this is you. The reason I am writing to you is because my brother in law is in the Navy Seals and trains recruits in California. He was here last week and I showed him your articles. He said that he will be a part of Jade Helm beginning June and they are absolutely going to be pulling actors out of their homes in what you referred to as extraction drills. He is very, very nervous about this. He said that he did not enlist to do this to American citizens. I asked him if the Red list thing is true would his people kill Americans? He said that was probably true and that is why he is concerned. Please do not use my name because I don’t want get him in trouble.

Dave, located just NW of Perry, GA is an Urban Warfare Training Facility. It is just west of I-75, behind the Guardian Center. Access is restricted and is constantly patrolled. Several weeks ago low level insertions were being made using Blackhawk Helicopters. Standard military type procedures were employed. I watched from alongside the road. I served 25 years in the military and retired in 1993. I know what is going on and am preparing for it. I’ll either E&E or DIP. Not going to surrender without a hellava fight.


Did you ever think you would see this in America? This is an extraction of dissidents drill in Florida.
Did you ever think you would see this in America? This is an extraction of dissidents drill in Florida.
A secret like this is too big to keep quiet. However, the only remaining question is whether or not Jade Helm will go live or is it a dress rehearsal for something to come on its heels? Only time will tell. However, it is clear that Jade Helm is an open declaration of war against the American people. There is not one valid reason for this administration to use taxpayer money in order to prepare to go to war against the American people. And how dare they declare Texas and Utah to be “hostile states”?
The following will not happen, but it should: The country needs to rise as one and say no more. Every politician needs to be recalled from office. Every officer who gives orders to carry out Jade Helm needs to be purged from the military. The only thing that is missing from Jade Helm are the Swastika armbands.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Countdown To A U.S./Ukraine Major Offensive Against The South Eastern Ukrainians

UK retail sales
decline. Initial claims jump again as more people lose their jobs. New home sales implode. U.S. manufacturing declines and the Baltic Dry Index falls again. Obama and the central bankers are pushing the TPP agreement and congress must approve it without reading it. U.S. trainers showing Ukrainian soldiers how to use weapons. U.S. trainers spotted in the combat zone. John Kerry warns Russia to remove their buildup of equipment and soldiers. Pure propaganda to mask the major offensive the U.S./Ukraine forces are preparing for. FBI warns about hackers hijacking jet planes.


George Carlin-"We Like War"


Hints of the dark place he is taking us
By John Chuckman | Aletho News | April 24, 2015
Obama has been quoted saying he “takes full responsibility” for the two hostages, one American and one Italian, killed recently in a drone attack. At the same time, Obama praised the United States for its transparency in such matters.
What in God’s name does he mean? How can you have responsibility with no consequences? Isn’t that a bit like patting yourself on the back for high principles, having just committed murder? And transparency? That also is a word without meaning when applied to a country which runs a string of secret wars and coups, a country which spies on virtually the entire planet, and a country whose warehouses bulge with so many classified documents it would take a thousand years to review them.
Obama’s use of words has no meaning, much like the lack of meaning inherent in the kind of world into which he is eagerly helping to pitch us.
He has killed two innocent people in the course of an extrajudicial killing of others who were themselves, as is usual in these attacks, mere suspects.
And it is not the first time he has done this, only the first time where we know the names and faces of his victims. We only know the names and faces here because they were an American and an Italian. Our feeble and utterly corrupt press never lifts a finger to investigate who the thousands of others have been.
Estimates vary, but something on the order of 2,500 people have been murdered this way by the United States, almost all of them innocent, ordinary people, and even America’s intended targets, supposed terrorists, are guilty of nothing in law.
If a leader uses the word terror today, he can pretty much do anything he or his sadistic military/ security/ intelligence creeps want to do. I do not see any difference in these acts from those of the former military juntas in South America who made thousands of “undesirable” people simply disappear.
There’s an old saying about democratic governments that you pretty much deserve the government you get, but the glib saying is, of course, considerably less than true. Besides, it is not a great stretch to say of America today that it is about as much a democracy as was the former Soviet Union, with the key difference being voters in America get two choices instead of one on their ballots, each of them however ready to do exactly the same things, with only minor stylistic variations. You might say the choices represent two fashion statements in one official party.
However, if Western people in general just quietly accept the institutional barbarism Obama represents, they will indeed deserve the governments they get.
And what’s hurtling towards us, far more quickly than many realize, is government entirely by and for elites – wealthy, wealthy people with their paid mouthpiece political leaders and the vast military/ security apparatus they employ – the rest of humanity being reduced to unimportant mobs to be kept under control at the smallest sign of their becoming difficult, not so very much different from prisoners and perhaps even livestock.
We actually have an early prototype of the kind of society our leaders are working towards. We see it in Israel. The word “terror” there plays the same ugly role, almost like an air raid siren, justifying literally any response.
Has the world said one word of the 2,200 people slaughtered in Gaza recently and left to rot in its rubble? How about Israel’s treatment of refugees of color? I see no protest over their being horribly abused and even being turned away against international laws and conventions.
And now Israel uses dirty tricks like shipping refugees off to questionable African states whose leaders have been paid bribes to take them. Can you imagine a bright future for any of them under such circumstances? They too are more than a little likely to disappear.
Of course, assassination in many forms and in many places has played a large role in Israel’s brief history. Anyone Israel does not like is expendable, and America’s whole response to “terror” is right out of an official Israeli manual.
Israel loves to sing tired songs about democracy, but half the people under its control have no rights, no vote, no future, and are frequently openly told they are undesirable and should get out. Thousands are kept in prisons, and brutal acts like spraying farm land with filthy waste-water or with potent herbicides or cutting off power supplies are fairly regular events. When those on the receiving end get too uppity, they will be either assassinated or bombed or have their homes stolen through some of the most unjust laws on the planet.
Apart from the ghastly lives enforced upon millions of non-Jews by the “Jewish state,” Israel’s Jewish population demonstrates another part of the social model. Ordinary Israelis have quite unpleasant lives by Western standards, with home ownership out of reach, the price of everything exorbitant, being subject to oppressive army service, and living in a place which in many ways resembles a high security prison with guards, spies, and restrictions everywhere. The elites of Israel do very handsomely, thank you, just as oligarchs anywhere do, all the groaning mass of other residents’ problems and limits providing them with boundless opportunities, and most of the oligarchs freely move back and forth between continents with their dual passports to cut deals or avoid troubles.
That set of conditions and practices has become a model now for the United States, and where the United States goes, so go its weak-kneed allies like Britain, France, Germany, and even our once fair-minded Canada.

American Empire Exposed

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Canada-US Joint Military Exercises, All Canadian Target Stores and 5 US Wal-Mart Stores Closed: The Jade Helm Plot Thickens with Latest Developments‏

Several days ago I wrote about Operation Jade Helm 15, what we knew then and what we didn’t know. Not included was recent disclosure that five Wal-Mart stores on next to no notice last week were mysteriously being closed in California, Texas, Oklahoma and Florida for as long as up to six months with Wal-Mart’s bogus excuse of plumbing problems. Meanwhile, it’s been confirmed that none of the five stores in question even have permits for any plumbing work.
A sad irony is these massive employee layoffs came exactly the same time that Wal-Mart two months ago had agreed to raise its workers’ wages up to $9 an hour, though still not enough to live independently anywhere in America with today’s cost of living. That suddenly 2200 workers were given but a 5-hour notice that they’re out of a job is a low blow, but common enough for how Big Business coldly operates within America’s still struggling, stagnant, faltering economy. But Wal-Mart's big lie as the world’s biggest retail chain to so abruptly close its stores in the face of all the skyrocketing speculation and mounting concerns over the largest covert military operation on US soil in modern times scheduled this summer with JH 15 only added flashpoint fuel to the spreading wildfire of bewilderment facing extremely worried Americans.
Learning that 1200 of the US’s elite military fighting forces from the Green Beret, Delta Force and Navy Seals would be going undercover in up to ten states, compounded by news of massive closures of such large retail buildings is triggering an enormous cloud of conjecture that the closed Wal-Mart stores will be used as possible processing areas for dissident round-ups once martial law is declared.
Then a day ago more information came to light from a labor organization representing the laid off Wal-Mart employees claiming the store was retaliating against its workers attempting to organize for better pay. Canadian employees at the giant retailer north of the border have suffered similar reprisals from Wall-Mart. Despite the four Walton siblings said to be the richest family in the world worth over $152 billion, near 2 out of 3 of their 1.3 million US employees earn less than $25,000 a year. Wal-Mart has a long shameful history grossly underpaying its workers a decent enough wage to subsist without resorting to federal relief through food stamps much less refusing to provide health insurance coverage for its employees. So while the Waltons predatorily squeeze even more billions in profit out of its feudal labor force, the wealthiest family is also gouging American taxpayers having to subsidize Wal-Mart's underpaid workers with federal relief programs.
But now the plot is thickening into a disturbing cauldron of fear and even more astonishment boiling over into potential panic with the latest round of revelations uncovered. Apparently simultaneous with the national worry over Jade Helm, we now learn that Canada as of Monday has launched its own military “training exercises” called Operation Maple Resolve involving joint covert operations with both US and British military forces that will last until May 23rd. To accommodate this large scale military drill, astoundingly all 133 Target stores in Canada have been closed and 17000 Target workers have been laid off and told to find other means of employment.
The world’s largest retailers Target, Wal-Mart and Home Depot would not team up with both the US and Canadian governments to ostensibly lose billions of revenue dollars from mass closures for nothing. They’re being covertly compensated by highly lucrative payout contracts from both North American national governments of course at taxpayer expense. Given a billion dollar development subsidy for expansion a decade ago by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), a secret partnership with Wal-Mart stores was established internationally as emergency military command and control centers. They’ve installed the cyber-infrastructure to be used as backdoor data base operation centers for requisitioning military supplies as well as for temporary processing of extracted citizens on their way to permanent FEMA camps. The DHS and Wal-Mart’s ultra-cozy relationship came through a few years ago in a propaganda pitch Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano made urging Wal-Mart employees to “keep our ‘Hometown’ safe by immediately reporting any suspicious activity to a local Big Brother fusion center and/or police near you.”
Co-incidentally, the Kremlin reported last week that exactly when the five Wal-Marts in the US were shutting their doors that a Wal-Mart store in Yemen also suddenly closed to instantly become a fully operational Special Ops command center directing combat operations in the latest North Africa-Middle East Empire proxy war there. This indicates the strategic value US military places on Wal-Marts internationally. And then of course we already know that Wal-Mart along with other transnational giants like Facebook and Apple have all been secretly feeding NSA and Big Brother massive amounts of data collection about us based on facial recognition technology.
Also uncovered in recent years is the extensive underground conduit system of trucking and railway routes with arteries spreading throughout the country that are linked in remarkably close proximity specifically to the five Wal-Mart locations closed last week as well as to hundreds of other Wal-Marts across the nation. Trillions of taxpayer dollars have been top secretly funneled by the Department of Defense, DHS, the US intelligence community and the Army Corps of Engineers working with the nation’s largest private defense contractor Lockheed Martin to build elaborate underground living bunkers complete with deep underground military bases (Black Ops’ DUMB’s) along with a hi-tech emergency transportation system below the earth’s surface to serve as a contingency plan where the elite can safely seek refuge while the rest of us are dying in a nuclear, biological and/or chemical war raging above ground. This explains the seemingly suicidal course our international Gov.Corps crime cabal has us on in its demonic race to World War III.
Another piece of unsettling evidence drawing lots of attention these days is a Department of Defense private security and investigations contractor called EKS Group, LLC currently advertising job openings from its Sierra Vista, Arizona office for “Surveillance Role Players” hired just in time for Jade Helm to work with Special Operations, the FBI, DHS and DEA. Apparently they need to be young, fit and able to walk up to 18 miles a day ready for deployment in the military exercises that “simulate” forced detention and relocation of American citizens. Obama’s long been actively recruiting young Americans for an enormous civilian “national defense” corps (not unlike prewar Nazi youth groups) for just such purposes to aid the feds and military during emergency martial law conditions.
Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show who recently reported the ISIS training camp near El Paso eight miles from the US border and surface to air missiles at a newly installed Air Force base outside Lubbock, Texas also linked Canadian forces to Jade Helm in his Tuesday post. Feeding the rumor mill in overdrive is the unusual amount of reported activity in recent days and weeks across North America of massive movement of military supplies, vehicles, armaments and equipment in both Canada and the United States.
Meanwhile, an apparent spokesman for Jade Helm, retired senior Special Forces non-commissioned officer Tom Meade, has stated that joint inter-agency law enforcement like the FBI and DEA will also participate in the two month long summer exercise with Special Operations forces. To quell some of the internet hype claiming foreign troops will be part of Jade Helm, Meade denied that any military personnel from foreign countries would be involved, though his response still left the door open, “Currently... it is US only.”
An example of just how much contentiousness over Jade Helm is drawing even within one internet news site is the recent back and forth activity at Veterans Today (VT). After VT journalist Robert O’ Dowd’s article entitled “Prelude to False Flag and Martial Law” was posted last Saturday, head editors Gordon Duff and Jim W. Dean a day later rebuked the earlier piece claiming that their inside sources told them Jade Helm links to martial law and an impending ISIS invasion were pure disinformation planted by neocons in the federal government to intentionally smear the reputation and credibility of all independent news media. O’Dowd resigned at VT and noted scholar, former professor and author-activist Jim Fetzer wrote an article posted on Tuesday titled “Jade Helm is not a ‘Training Op’ but Something Far More,” in the face of the latest developments publicly siding with O’ Dowd. Two hours later his VT article was abruptly removed from the site.
Pentagon official Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria by email supplied the Washington Post with the official Jade Helm explanation, “This exercise is routine training to maintain a high level of readiness for Army Special Operations Forces because they must be ready to support potential missions anywhere in the world on a moment’s notice.” However, that kind of double speak went over like a lead balloon to many suspicious Americans. Blending in with foreign populations seems far less plausible and even less likely than conducting clandestine operations blending in amongst Americans on American soil. For over a decade US Department of Homeland Security and law enforcement across the nation have increasingly prepped Americans with false flags and even more so, targeting US citizens as the latest insurgents in its counterterrorism wars, labeling them potential home grown terrorists that include law abiding citizen dissidents who actively oppose the federal government’s tyranny.
This extremely alarming, unfolding reality in turn has naturally aroused rising suspicion that Americans this summer will become victims of extraction, a term used to forcibly take out citizens either by assassination or rounding them up and placing them in FEMA prison camps. All the empty Target and Wal-Mart stores in North America are speculated as potential processing centers to temporarily warehouse people instead of the usual cheap goods from China. Because what is actually occurring will definitely not be disclosed by the oligarch owned mainstream media, the onus of disseminating the truth will fall on independent internet media outlets to continue digging into Jade Helm for the government crime cabal’s real agenda. Americans will need to be both vigilant and selective about what they choose to believe during this critical time leading up to July 15th.
Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field for more than a quarter century. He now concentrates on his writing and has a blog site at http://empireexposed. blogspot. com/. He is also a regular contributor to Global Research and a syndicated columnist at Veterans Today.

Corporate Sovereignty Trumps National Laws; Here's How The US Thinks It Can Get Around ThatPublished: April 23, 2015
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For a while now, Techdirt has been writing about the extraordinary corporate sovereignty chapters in trade agreements that grant foreign companies far-reaching powers to sue a government simply for issuing regulations that impact their investments. Recently, there has been a textbook example of how the investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) tribunals that adjudicate corporate sovereignty cases are literally a law unto themselves. A post on The Hill explains the background:
A company sought to develop a mining and marine terminal project in Canada, but it had to obtain approval from provincial and federal authorities. As part of that process, the company had to submit an environmental impact study (EIS) addressing the project’s potential impacts on the natural and human environment.
A panel of experts was appointed to review that study, and to issue a recommendation on whether the project should go ahead. The experts recommended against approval, partly on the basis that it would have been inconsistent with "core community values." As a result, the federal and provincial officials rejected the project. The company involved, Bilcon, appealed against that decision, but did so invoking NAFTA's corporate sovereignty provisions. The ISDS tribunal ruled that:
The advisory panel's consideration of "core community values" went beyond the panel’s duty to consider impacts on the "human environment" taking into account the local "economy, life style, social traditions, or quality of life." The arbitrators then proclaimed that the government's decision to reject Bilcon's proposed project based on the experts' recommendation was a violation of the NAFTA.
As The Hill article points out, that shouldn't have happened:
The parties to the NAFTA -- the United States, Canada and Mexico -- have all repeatedly clarified that ISDS is not meant to be a court of appeals sitting in judgment of domestic administrative or judicial decisions.
Nonetheless, the ISDS tribunal's lawyers ignored the clear intent of NAFTA's corporate sovereignty provisions, and issued their judgment dismissing local decisions following national laws. Because of the astonishing way that ISDS works, Canada can't even appeal. However, as the article in The Hill points out, the situation would have been even worsehad the ISDS tribunal argued correctly:
It shows that ISDS stymies crucial evolution in domestic law. Under the tribunal's reasoning, a breach of international law arises when government officials interpret vague concepts such as the "human environment" or "socio-economic" impacts using principles or terms not expressly found in earlier decisions. Yet, particularly in common-law jurisdictions such as the US's, law develops in large part through new interpretations, adapting to changing circumstances and times. If this evolving process were indeed a breach of international law, the US should expect to face significant liability to foreign companies, especially as ISDS is included in new treaties with capital-exporting countries.
In fact, there is a first hint that the US government is well aware of these huge problems with corporate sovereignty provisions, and that it is already preparing for the day when it loses a major ISDS case. That hasn't happened so far in part because relatively few foreign companies covered by existing trade agreements with corporate sovereignty provisions have major investments in the US that would allow them to make claims. However, that will change dramatically if an ISDS chapter is included in the TTIP/TAFTA deal currently being negotiated. According to Public Citizen's calculations(pdf):
More than 3,400 parent corporations in EU nations own more than 24,200 subsidiaries in the United States, any one of which could provide the basis for an investor-state claim if TAFTA were to be enacted with ISDS.
That might explain a very interesting aspect of the Fast Track Billreleased recently, as Sean M. Flynn, Associate Director, Program on Information Justice, and Intellectual Property Professorial Lecturer in Residence, American University Washington College of Law, explains:
The Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) bill that was released last week contains a fascinating Section 8 on "Sovereignty." The section appears intended to make all trade agreements with the U.S. not binding to the extent that they contradict any provision of U.S. law, current or future. If valid, the section would go a long way to calming fears in this country that new trade agreements, like the old ones, could be used by corporations or other countries to force the U.S. to alter domestic regulations.
However, Flynn then goes on to argue Section 8 actually has no effect in protecting US law, and that:
If Congress changes our law to be in violation of a treaty commitment, the only way to avoid liability for that change is to re-negotiate the applicable treaties to remove the confining language at issue.
That threat of being sued in international courts for non-compliance with treaties is precisely how corporations have used international agreements to force the signatories to strengthen protection for copyright and patents thanks to measures they themselves lobbied for, and to block any moves to change the law in favor of the public.Follow me @glynmoody on Twitter or, and +glynmoody on Google+

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

И свет во тьме светит, и тьма не объяла его - Спецназ США заступил на охрану Порошенко

Хроники Рагнарёка

Спецназ США заступил на охрану Порошенко

Американские десантники, прибывшие на Украину, будут обеспечивать охрану президента Порошенко от собственной армии, а не обучение ее. Об этом в эфире ток-шоу «Политика» заявил представитель исполкома Союза десантников России Валерий Юрьев.

По его словам, Порошенко не может довериться украинской армии, поэтому вынужден защититься от нее.

«Я считаю, что это просто подразделение, которое будет обеспечивать безопасность высшего руководства страны. Это боевое подразделение, а никакие не учителя. Личная охрана Порошенко, потому что он не надеется на свою армию», — заявил Юрьев.

Напомню, что Порошенко уже уличали в том, что его охраняла амеркианская охрана, даже не владеющая украинским языком.

American marines will defend Poroshenko from his own army

U.S. Marines, who recently arrived in Ukraine will provide protection for President Poroshenko from his own army, rather than teaching it, said on talk show “Politics” the representative of the Executive Committee of the Union of Paratroopers of Russia, Valery Yuriev.
According to him, Poroshenko can not trust the Ukrainian army, therefore, must seek protection from it.
“I think it’s just a unit that will provide security for the leadership of the country. This is a combat unit, and no instructors. Personal security of Poroshenko because he has no confidence in his own army,” – said Yuryev.
Let me remind you that Poroshenko has already been accused of being guarded by American security, who don’t even speak the Ukrainian language.
Source: Varjag, 23 April 2015, translated by Kristina Rus at Fort Russ.

Note:  Thanks to Varjag, Fort Russ, Awakefromyourslumber, and Whatreallyhappened.